Revolutionary Hash No Cash Program Revolutionizes ASIC Repair for Miners

• D-Central Technologies Inc. has launched their innovative “Hash No Cash” program in North America, which allows miners to pay for ASIC repair services with broken hardware instead of cash.
• The “Hash No Cash” program is an environmentally sustainable solution that reduces the demand for new equipment production, and promotes decentralization in cryptocurrency mining by putting power into more hands.
• D-Central is committed to providing miners with efficient and affordable solutions that are both financially viable and conducive to the decentralization of the industry.

D-Central Launches Innovative “Hash No Cash” Promotion

D-Central Technologies Inc., a pioneer in the cryptocurrency mining industry, is excited to announce the expansion of its revolutionary “Hash No Cash” program to all cryptocurrency miners in North America. This innovative initiative allows miners to pay for ASIC repair services with broken hardware instead of cash, dramatically transforming the landscape of ASIC repair services.

Environmental Sustainability

The “Hash No Cash” program contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing electronic waste. By repairing and repurposing broken hardware, D-Central minimizes the demand for new equipment production, thereby reducing the environmental impact of cryptocurrency mining.

Decentralization In Cryptocurrency Mining

Furthermore, this initiative promotes decentralization in cryptocurrency mining. By making repaired hardware available to retail customers at affordable prices, D-Central is putting the power of ASICs into more hands and fostering wider distribution of mining power throughout the industry.

Efficient And Affordable Solutions

D-Central is committed to driving change within the cryptocurrency mining industry by providing efficient and affordable solutions that are financially viable while also promoting decentralization in cryptocurrency mining. The company’s goal is not just to provide repair services but create solutions that are beneficial to all stakeholders involved.


By launching their revolutionary „Hash No Cash“ program across North America, D-Central Technology Inc is revolutionizing how miners can access repair services while also contributing towards sustainability and decentralization within the sector.